Seven of nine photos. Seven of Nine.

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Top 5 HORRIFYING Facts About Seven of Nine's Costume

Seven of nine photos

The character built up a fanbase among the LGBT community which resulted in an online petition to have her revealed as a lesbian. After a nurse was called twice to supply oxygen, the costume was modified to stop it from happening again. It's not quite so clingy, so the waist doesn't have to be cinched in. Since the fabric was supposed to look like skin, they didn't want the fabric to do what it would naturally do, which is stretch from " high point to high point " i. She had competed in Miss America in the year, and here, she had become as 3rd runner-up and she also won a preliminary swimsuit competition. This means that occasionally she can malfunction in the same way a broken or hacked machine does. In response, the Captain punishes her by restricting her computer access and curfews her to the cargo bay where her Borg unit is set-up. The brown costume is a thicker, stronger fabric. Jeri Ryan had graduated from Northwestern in the year, However, the implant is far better than a human eye. Sometimes, it's my cranial implant. Tom Paris. Seven of nine photos

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Seven of nine photos

Seven of nine photos

Seven of nine photos

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  1. During her years with the Borg, she committed many atrocities against other alien races, and those acts remain with her.

  2. Let's face it, they look incredible, and there's a reason. An accident had caused Seven to connect to those memories that she associated with those she assimilated. Since the fabric was supposed to look like skin, they didn't want the fabric to do what it would naturally do, which is stretch from " high point to high point " i.

  3. She said, "If I had to go to the bathroom it was a minute production shutdown. One of those drawbacks is that just like a computer, Seven can be overloaded if she takes in too much information. Let us know in the comments!

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