Louise ogborn tape. Strip search phone call scam.

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Louise ogborn tape

The entire incident was recorded by a surveillance camera in the office. Several similar scam calls had been placed to Boston-area restaurants, and Flaherty had already pulled surveillance camera footage from a Walmart in Panama City. The caller also spoke to Ogborn and demanded that she do as she was told or face worse punishment. The cashier was forced to undress and pose in various positions as part of the search. According to some reports, between and , 70 calls of this nature were made to various businesses across the country. Two calls were reported in The Massachusetts investigation had gone cold when their surveillance video failed to show the purchaser—the cameras had been trained on the store's parking lot and not on the cash registers. When the caller ordered Bradley to remove Ogborn's apron and describe her, Bradley refused but did not attempt to call the police. Summers watched the tape later that night and, according to her attorney, broke off her engagement with Nix. She realized that the call had been fraudulent. The caller had convinced her that the customer was a "suspected sex offender" and that the manager, serving as bait, would enable undercover police officers to arrest him. Using the records of the Panama City Walmart, which showed the cash register and the time of purchase of the phone card, Mount Washington police were able to find surveillance camera footage of the purchaser of the card. Ogborn consistently denied the allegations. The caller then permitted him to leave on condition that Summers had to find someone to replace him. The Panama City police informed the Mount Washington police that Detective Flaherty in Massachusetts was already conducting an investigation. Louise ogborn tape

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Louise ogborn tape

Louise ogborn tape

Louise ogborn tape

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  1. She spotted Thomas Simms, the restaurant's maintenance man, who had stopped in at the restaurant for dessert.

  2. Ogborn was given a dirty apron to wear while Summers searched her clothing. The caller then abruptly ended the call. During his questioning by police, Stewart insisted he never had bought a phone card, but detectives found one in his home that had been used to call nine restaurants in the past year—including a call to a Burger King in Idaho Falls, Idaho on the same day when that restaurant's manager was reportedly duped by a scam call.

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